sexta-feira, agosto 24, 2007

Delay and allotment

Still recently I listened to a phrase that hammered me:
“Brazil does not break because he is rich excessively”
It must be truth.
But later, I reviewed a text read in an ONU´s Assembly for environment, read for a Canadian of 13 years.
In a stretch, she questioned, and transmited the doubt to the listeners, how who, that had everything, could feel itself on having in the world children who lives in the street, without at least love and affection, and that they dreamed in having money to take off the children of the streets, to kill the hunger, and to give love and affection?
How who that has everything and denies to others that have nothing, educates children but do not act as want to teach, on taking care of of the world for the future generations, without at least including the proper future generations?
It wasn´t only a appeal, but was an alert also.
Many times, are distant of us this needy world, that a young Canadian evidenced in the streets of Rio de Janeiro, city where were carried through that assembly.
It had an ancient feeling in the text, as well as much truth in the expressed emotion of the orator.
Brazil is rich, said a fellow citizen to me, but this richness is shared among only few ones, and we are so much people needing. We know of this. It seems that it is this that stops the possibility of the evolution of Brazil to the age of computer science, as with electronic bill of sale (NFe) and other digital controls and in computer networks, that still is far from the reality of great Brazil, and very provincial we are…
Under the sound of the judgment of the mensalão, we hear teses on frauds several, that they take off of the wealth of that they pay taxes, the allotment deserved that would have, to those that live at margins of what the tax would have to distribute among poor people.
Some, as pigs, are diving in the generous crumbs that the "criminal blackness of the bureaucracy" launches to them, as payment for the made nastinesses, as "public" services, ambulances, machines… and everything superinvoiced, for it 'uncontrols' that has of the resources that we have, and are many.
And makes of this generous portion, as owners of pocilgas, laudering, with the “wasted resources” that they must have served to the future. Distributed, in millions, billions, between "bandos" of thieves, not more than such, despite they only want to look as excusable perpetrators of pranks "permissible politics", in a game of power and between powerfuly players.
Brazil, is rich, yes.
But this generous and satiated surplus to be “treasured” would have to become turn us, brazilians, more responsible with true needing we have: to make immediately expurgation among our politicians, of all type of "smart people", that wants to take possetion themselves of “some” millions that can pass uninjured in millionaire accountings, many of them favored by the governments, that involve public licitations and services, plant, land divisions and, ox in fields and "flying ox".
They are a band, yes, and they help to turn in banalitiy the value that don´t have the life for them, as of 200 died in an airplane, un"controlled " in this nest of "guacho" that they call aerial chaos, but becomes entangled in cabinets and documents that do not say nothing in the hard soil of the reality of who suffer pain.
Or others 25 in jail, under guardianship of State that would have to hinder that outlaws and “milicianos” (robinwoodian version for the "bandos" traffic that supply the Brazilian orgia), if seted, especially inside of the jails sabotaged for that whose impostures make banal the life in all.
And the key to control this is the technology resources that we make use, but does not implement truily, of the digital age.
It does not work to "lock the jail and put the key in the door", if it is not known what to make with what with who are kept inside, with the respect that deserves the citizen, in any social class.
It has that to take care of the outlaws, social and the politicians.
With superavits on tax collection, the load of tributes can be diminished, yes.
If we close the tap of administrative mess that we create for Brazil.
Is good perhaps to release the charge over that they contribute with work, that is what still supports Brazil to be viable, before the orgia becomes a terrible one and feared anarchy, and counts in its hordas with who not to want more to contribute for this “State of Things”, on the other side.
Orgia that is to be contemplated by a system that if is proud of being surplus in tax collection has 9 years, and proves (in the management and its planning) the indifference to the lost life, either in an airplane, street, road, hospital or jail.
By the way (or better, at last…), the object the one that would have to serve the State (the man and the common good), will continue, in contrast, to serve to the usury of the public state treasury as contributing (for the men), and cavern of gang members, in the case of the “common goods” and its management, distributed generous among the friends of the power.
But our condition of citizens, parents of family, husbands and women, children do not interest them. Brazilians.
But, we are contributing.
And so absent…